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"Soulful, ferocious vocals are carried across deep and energetic rhythms. She is an undeniable musician of strength and beauty."  Champagne S./FB 7/2016
"She takes you on a wonderful musical journey. Telling tales that are not forgotten. Tales that stick with you and change you. She opens the door to magic. Leaving you laughing, smiling, and thinking in a different way."    Christen H./FB 11/2017
"Gina takes me into stories of the heart like a good book."   Charissa I./FB 7/2016
"Listening to Mama Gina has made me laugh, cry, think, and renew my inspiration - and then she starts to sing, and all those emotions are doubled! Great bard, wonderful human being, joy to be around!"    David S./FB 11/2017

"Bawdy master of pagan folk and lovely melodic adventures!"  Je'Amour P.M./FB 11/2017

"Mama Gina and Nine Toes the Bard - a wonderment to behold! She can shake your soul with beauty one moment, then make you laugh yourself senseless the next. An evening spent listening to her is always a treasure."       Rusty W./FB 11/2017

"A night with Mama Gina & Nine Toes will transport the listener to forgotten realms, simpler times, and yet remains a complex compilation of imagery in both words and music that cannot be duplicated anywhere else."   Betsy Jenkins, President, Music Kinetic Productions  11/2017


"Mama Gina is the real deal, best bard ever!"     Robert N./FB 11/2017

"I listen to Mama Gina's 'Goddess Walking' first thing every morning. It's a great way to start the day filled with personal power knowing I will succeed at everything I set my mind to do, and no one will get in my way ... Love you Gina."   Kathryn G./FB 11/2017

"Mama Gina casts a funny, witty, acoustic blues with a dash of her own special pizzazz, that will keep you coming back for more."    William Brigley/International Pagan Radio  11/2017

"A lovely person and musician with a wonderful sense of humor and fun storytelling."  Kristina C./FB 11/2017

"Mama Gina's music and storytelling is inspiring and magical, taking the audience along with her on a marvelous journey that touches the heart and stirs the soul."   Laura P./FB 11/2017

"I was a happy blubbering mess ... thank you for being real!"  Michelle Hamblen  11/2017

"My 1st concert was at The Escape Ranch in Arkansas. I loved how your songs moved my soul and I could see the stories playing in my head."    Tiffany R.  9/2017

"Your songs make my heart happy."    Maria CH/FB 11/2017

"Mama Gina is a happy making bard and songster. She made so many happy at the Wheel of the Year Festival this past October, and the land and its creatures still reverberate with her music. What talent she has!!! Blessings to her always! ❤"      Meredith W./Wheel of the Year Festival  10/2017

"Nine toes will rock your SOCKS!"   Kyna G./FB 11/2017

"Four songs touch me deeply. I listen to them daily. 'Summer of the Fae' which reminds me that we should always be evolving into our purest selves. 'Goddess of Letting Go' ... I've lost so much but gained so much more; this reminds me to let go of those things that no longer serve me. 'Come Trance with Me' .. first song I ever heard you play and I knew then that I loved your soul. And finally 'Ruby' ... I lost my soul mate a couple of years ago; his Warrior's heart so wanted to rest with Raven. This song gives me hope he had earned his Rest."      Diana Bardwolf Gray/FB 11/2017

"Her music makes you think, makes you feel, brings you to another place. I love to listen to anything she has to sing, any stories she has to tell, and any music she wants to create."                                                                                                                                                       Amanda B./FB 11/2017

"Love love love love!"      H.G./FB 11/2017

"Seeing her at a festival brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. If she is there, good times will be had! Love Mama Gina!!"  Georgianna J./FB 11/2017

"The messages in her music speak volumes to me that I would love nothing more than to perform to each of them!!!"   Idris Eldrid/FB 11/2017

"A wonderfully comedic, yet wholesome, soulful experience for everyone of all ages and walks of life. I’m spiritually moved at every performance."     Velina C./FB 11/2017

"amazing, sincere, heartfelt, funny"   Donna Sue W./FB 11/2017

"We just met you this summer and heard your music for the first time. Love the Bard in you and that comes out of you!!"   Jilly Bear/FB 11/2017

"The reality of you shines through in all that you sing and all that you do. Love you Gina."

                                                                                                                                      Jozette S./FB 11/2017

"Listening to Mama Gina has made me laugh, cry, think, and renew my inspiration - and then she starts to sing, and all those emotions are doubled! Great bard, wonderful human being, joy to be around!"   Kami L./FB 11/2017

"Your music is very fun and moving. I enjoyed your music at PUF!"  Tina A./FB 4/2017

"Nine toes the bard is my spirit animal. Without fail, a Nine Toes concert will move you to tears and give you fits of laughter in the same set list."                                                                                                                        Angie H./FB 11/2017

"Enchanting story teller. Love her bardic wit."    Karen C./FB 11/2017

"Last night, I got to spend an amazing evening with great people and our Beloved Nine Toes the Bard herself, Mama Gina LaMonte.  Such a Divine spirit with a voice that moves your soul, warms your heart and makes you smile.  If you ever get the opportunity to hear her music, listen to the Power her music possesses as she sings from the depths of her being. She does Festivals, events, house performance and so much more and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed. We love you Mama Gina!"

Dana W.R./FB 8/2016

"I feel I am a character in her songs and I, too, want to be a pirate, at least for a bit. After listening to her songs I walk away in a good upbeat mood because her songs take me away from this world for a short time."    Amanda O./FB 7/2016

"When ... the Bard is in the house, a good time is had by all."  Debbie B./FB 11/2017

"Loved her show! Wonderful music and laughter. Just wish I could remember her name!!  j/k!"                                                                                                                             Antonio H./FB 11/2017

" ... an incredible person and the songs really hit my heart. I can relate to it and feel it.                                                                                       Amanda H./FB 11/2017

"Whether a salty tale or a tender memory, the words breathed into life by Mama Gina/Nine Toes the Bard touch in a way that spans every emotion possible from joy to tears and laughter throughout it all! She is pure joy and entertains throughout the show, captivating her audience with tales of her journeys that leave you with only one thought, *there's a song in that*."     Kim S./FB 11/2017

"There is a 'true story' in every song."    Mary C./FB  11/2017

"Mama Gina's music sings to my Soul! Her music makes me think, breathe & cry with her every note. In her personna as Nine Toes the Bard, her ballads make me truly believe that she is a Renaissance Bard telling me about her life. Either way, she transports one to a deeper place and time!    Stefani Potter/FB 11/2017

Mama Gina is a delight to listen too. Her story telling is funny and moving. I can't wait to see her again!                                                                                                                            Cindy M./FB 11/2017

"My first Mama Gina Concert was so telling ... she lets you in on her thoughts, dreams, quirky ways ... she makes you laugh, cry and Think ... she is so focused on her stories, you get the sense she is talking to you ... and last she gets you engaged in all the excitement ... sorry one sentence could never express how many of us feel ... "  

Dorothy P./FB 7/2016

"I could tell you 'til the cows come home ... you've got to see, hear, and feel the magic."   Mo S./FB 11/2017

"Mama Gina is unique in the sense that her music reaches into your soul and touches you in your soul.  It's as if she is singing just for you; her music is thought provoking, intense and very real and organic.  She and her music are one and the same; they flow together.  That's why everyone loves Mama Gina. When you put in that CD you just bought, prepare for a journey with the bard.  It's a great ride."   Ariel M./FB 8/2016

"I first met/heard Mama Gina at the Okeechobee massacre (she knows what I mean) and immediately liked her music. I bought my first CD from her at a house concert soon after. Seeing that she sang soulfully from the heart and felt the words and stories down deep in my being, they gave me a sense of renewal to start writing again. Each time that I see/hear her play, her beautiful music fills the soul and makes one happy!!!!! Her ability to take a situation and make it her own is just phenomenal !!!!!!"    Mike B./FB 7/2016

"Mama Gina takes her audience on a wonderful journey during her performance. She shares her heart, her joy of life, through her music and interaction with her audience. A delight to hear, a delight to behold, a musical spirit."  

MamaChelle L./FB 7/2016

"This past June my husband and I took our 11 month old grandson to see Nine Toes the Bard.  The look of sheer joy on his face as he sat on my lap completely engrossed in every word and every note you played.  He loves music and had never seen it live yet, that day was extra special for us and our wee one."     Kerry Lynn/FB 7/2016


"Mama Gina was the first bard I've ever listened to (and on a sidenote I heard her at my first festival which happen to be Beltane ;-) ). Mama Gina, with your songs you take us all on a magical journey and touch our hearts. Keep it up my friend :-)"   Barbara L./FB 7/2016


"Such a talented, beautiful and unique performer and story teller! One of my all time favorites!"

Gypsie Dawn/FB 11/2017

"Nine toes kicks ass like she had ten!"    Erik "The Muffin Man"/FB 11/2017

"Nine Toes! Nine Toes! Give us more Nine Toes the Bard! Enchanting, daring, and absolutely delightful! You'll laugh and cry and beg for MORE STORIES! from this wittiest - and prettiest! - of bards!"    Kyrja Withers/FB 11/2017

" 'Goddess Kissed' has got to be my favorite. I so loved the circle of stones on the first song. How the fairies took everything away from you so that you could see what was really important."   Mellissa R./FB 7/2016

"Mama Gina captures a room and shares essences of her soul.  Every song creates an intimate atmosphere and brings fun and festivities as she shares tales of her adventurous journey along the road of life."   Almirall Tribe/FB 7/2016

"It's hard to believe that Mama Gina is still a relatively new artist in the world of Pagan music. With her third album, Solitaire, due to be released very soon, she is soon to be no longer known as the new kid on the block, but rather take her place in the pantheon of Pagan music royalty.


Solitaire has depth and character. Gina'a soulful voice shines in this well mixed and engineered album. The addition of backup players and singers brings a 1970's pop feel to her song "Goddess Walking". I honestly was reminded of the band America. Since they are one of my favorites, that's a good thing. "Old Ways" takes an intimate look at the spirituality in modern times. "Weed" shows off her bluesy side while telling a great tale. She gets to her tribal roots with the powerful "Old Snake Woman" and gives the listener a smile with "Mama Gaia's Going Through Menopause".


Solitaire is a strong album, and a must for your collection. It's combination of blues, folk and pop songs make for a listening experience that is as diverse and deep as you want it to be.

Solitaire by Mama Gina - 4 broomsticks"


David Banach, The Magick Jukebox:  Pagan Music and Media from Around the World (2/2015)

"Mama Gina is well poised to be one of the names brought up when discussing modern Pagan music. If there is such a thing as an “A” list of Pagan musicians, Mama Gina is well on her way to being in some very good company with The Undertaker's Daughter. This is a powerful album and she is welcome among the best."


David Banach, The Magick Jukebox: Pagan Music and Media from Around the World (3/2014)

WOW what a great person, positive, loving and kind, with energy that could lift any dark cloud. If you didnt make it to The 47th Gathering of Tribes, try your best to catch a concert. She is the total package when it comes to entertainment.

M. Anderson, Facebook, 10/19/2014

“… a concert with Mama Gina, whose guitar and lyrics both moved the crowd, as well as created a jovial mood by her natural entertainment qualities … another treat for anyone who can attend her concerts … Mama Gina totally brought down the house …”


Melissa E. Anderson, The 47th Annual Gathering of Tribes, The Witches Brew, Vol. 2 Issue 4, 10/2014

“Beautiful, Old Soul and Amazing Musician!!! Mama Gina rocks our world! She is a multi-talented singer-song writer! You know how most musicians sound better on CD than they do live? Well, her CD will hook you by the first song AND she brings something even more special to her live concerts (if you can believe that after hearing the CD =) !!!!! She is not only a soulful musician, but also a bard telling of her travels along the way and is a master of multiple instruments! The only musician I know that can make you laugh and cry in the same song. Absolutely spectacular! Her voice is hauntingly beautiful and the world is better place for having her in it!”

artisitcluva25, Amazon CD Review (Sep 25, 2014)

I had the pleasure to spend a beautiful Solstice with Gina LaMonte. Spending the day listening, drumming and sharing the gift of music with her was one of the highlights of my year so far. Listening to her haunting voice singing against her drum will send chills down your spine.

Jim Horncastle, Facebook, 7/7/2014

This was the most AWESOME concert!!! This woman is truly an Angel. With nothing more that a guitar or a drum and her wonderful voice and she ROCKED IT!!!


Shari Y (hosted house concert 5/2014)




" ... you really must see her perform some where, anywhere! Her music is of Love, Life, Loss and so much more, Indeed a spiritual journey, as if you were walking in her shoes. I can reach out and touch the very soul of her muse as I listen. We are all indeed blessed to have such a wonderful and talented soul amongst us ..."


Wyse Wytch, Facebook (3/2014)


“… She's a fantastic story-teller, singer/songwriter in the vein of Joanie Mitchell and Joan Baez, but she also has a powerful, yet bluesy and sultry voice like Anne Wilson. Goddess Kiss'd demonstrates just how multi-talented Gina is … brilliant story-telling, comedy, tender moments and, of course, superb exemplifications of honouring deity. Song of Atonement touches my spirit … The PSG Song and Flicker and Flame touch that part of me that revels in a fantastically vivid story with just the perfect amounts of humour sprinkled throughout. Goddess Kiss'd was a huge treat to listen to and I look forward to hearing more and more from Mama Gina.”


Draeden Wren, Songs of the Goddess (Aug 30, 2013)

“Mama Gina is Goddess Kiss'd ... Mama Gina gives her listeners a taste of the divine and the humorous with her debut CD. From the first track “Summer of the Fae” I was hooked. ”Summer” shows Gina’s light side while “Come Trance with Me” shows her spiritual side. “Sisters Waiting” will bring a tear to your eye and “The PSG Song” will leave you laughing. “Come Trance with Me” is a wonderful little piece to help get you in the mood for meditation, exercise or ritual. It will soothe the spirit just enough to get you into that perfect start of a trance state. Or, you can just listen to it to listen to it. “The PSG Song” is very fitting for anyone who has ever attended a large outdoor Pagan festival that has the freedom of body that PSG and other similar festivals do. It could almost be renamed the “Pagan Festival Song” and fits right along with Loke E. Coyote’s “Pagan Polka”. ...”


Philip Kessler, RevKess's Reviews (Aug 01, 2013)

“Oh, what a night! When the rain came the shop began to fill, and fill. Would there be enough seats? A woman who at first didn't purchase a CD because she hadn't heard of Mama Gina, asked the person next to her to hold her seat as she slipped out to purchase her CD. A couple who could "only stay for about 30 minutes because of a prior commitment" wound up staying for the entire concert, bought two CDs, gave us their email address so we could "let them know when she returns again." We had a drawing at the end of the concert for ticket holders. One of the winners asked if she could trade her gift for a CD...LOL! People were commenting on how they felt transfixed during the concert, how they were held spellbound by the presence of the Gods, how through her story telling they were able to understand they too can know them on a very real personal and spiritual level. Thank you for sharing your bright spirit-filled Soul Gina, the experience was amazing.”


Maya on concert at Raven Faerie, Facebook (Jul 21, 2013)

“[Mama Gina spent] ... the better part of two hours entrancing her audience with her music, spurning laughter, love and at times even tears, as we journeyed with her down the road singing of birth, life, unity, and even a celebration of those lost to us. Switching easily from guitar to djembe to two different frame drums, the music and the voice blend went in all different ways for each song, with each as diverse and different as the last. Seemingly one with the instruments and the songs, she performs music that touches the heart.”


B. L. Cooper, Blog: Live music production and artist management (Jul 14, 2013)

Thank you for your powerful gift of music. You said a few things in your set that really resonated profoundly for me ... mostly the words of never forgetting to tell those around you you love them ... so this weekend I did ... and i told myself I love me ... and I love you. Thank you sister.


Dharma L. / Imbolc Magick Festival 3 (Feb 2015)

“Great show!! she took us the full circle... laughter, tears and joy!!! A true artist!!”


B Mullins on Brighid's Fire concert

Mama Gina performed at the Beltane gathering in Texarkana, and we all fell in love with her and her music. Her songs will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your lips. Her music is heartfelt and soul-stirring. She is a true treasure!

Cheryl M.  7/2014

The amazing, upbeat, eclectic sound of Gina LaMonte on acoustic guitar and drum compliment her melodic lyrics. Each song with a heartfelt story behind it will touch your heart and send your toes to tapping and your hands to clapping.

Jozette S. 7/2014

Mama Gina - fearless bard and folk artist

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