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Acoustic ... raw ... live feel ... straight from the soul of the Bard.  "I Remember Love" is full of songs about, well, LOVE ... with that Mama Gina twist.


I wrote "Binding Wood" as a Handfasting song for a lovely couple handfasted this past Spring.  "I Remember Love", the title song on the CD, is about my son and me, and our soul contract.  "Collapse" is a sweet ballad about love that is bigger than time and space, and I still get rather choked up when I sing it.  "The Empress Down Rattlesnake Road" is the willful, bluesy tale of my becoming an orphan and my love affair with Kali and she guides me through the process.  "The Eagle and The Owl" is a percussion and voice piece that you will want to play and sing along with.  "Between" - ah, this is about loving yourself.  The chant "Worthy" is such an earworm that my studio engineer said, "I went home singing it.  It stayed in my head."  There is an incredibly amazing ficus tree in Bonita Springs in south Florida that my friends call Grandmother.  I tell the story that she told me in "Grandmother Tree".  "BeBop Betty" is a jazzy/bluesy little number about a sprite that "do what she love, and love what she do."  Finally, "Mamaji's Travelin' Hugs Workshop Show" is inspired by a few hug workshops I have attended at festivals, and I know you'll love this stripped down, funky groove.


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“ ‘Solitaire’ is crazy amazing. It has so much musical depth and substance. ‘Goddess Walking’ could have been recorded by America in 1977. I mean that in a very good way.” David Banach, The Magick Jukebox Podcast and Magick Jukebox YouTube Channel

Here is what Mama Gina has to say about her journey creating “Solitaire.” "My spirituality is so deeply personal … I walk this road alone. And yet, my spirit is linked to each and every one, and this connection sustains me in ways that I am only now beginning to understand. This is my journey … never a straight line, but a dance. Sometimes I move alone; sometimes I revel with my tribe. Between the first step and the last, I find myself drawing down the moon, acknowledging the Divine in my own heart and others. I fall apart, shed my skin, change, rest, rise, listen, learn, and remember. Funny that a CD entitled “Solitaire” should be the one that took a community to create. This Bardic journey is only possible with your love, enthusiasm and support."


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Mama Gina's second solo CD released March 2014, "The Undertaker's Daughter" is both a tribute to her father - yes, he was a funeral director - and an offering to those Gods, Goddesses and Essences who have stepped into her life, pushed her around, and inspired her muse.  Journey with her through these very personal stories of surrender to Cerridwen, Coyote, the Morrighan, Oshun, Freya and others.


Laugh, cry, listen and sing along here, and purchase your copy at or iTunes or amazon.

Mama Gina's first solo CD "Goddess Kiss'd" tells the tales of her travel and adventure with the Fae, Persephone, Odin (The Trouble I'm In), and more. And every story true!  Listen here, and purchase your copy at or

Mama Gina - fearless bard and folk artist

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