Post-Concert Big Soul Hangover

Yup, I have a huge post-concert Soul/Love Hangover from last night. I took some time out of the studio to share the stage with Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard last night. We were at The Self Center in Winter Haven, FL, and the space is so inviting! I took the first set and was again reminded of how very much I love connecting with every single heart in the room. We laughed and cried together through some of my favorite songs gifted by the Gods and Goddesses. Wow! Just wow! Then Ginger and Lynda continued the journey with their incredible vibe for another soul-stirring, set. Their last song, Come Down, had everyone bouncing in their seats and drumming along. Here is a picture of the lovely Megan and me playing the heartbeat of the song together on my djembe. There is something so amazing about drumming together - we play the drum - and it plays us, too. The rhythm flows through us and back, and again, and again. So connected with everyone in that moment.

Going to hold on to this feeling and take it with me into the studio Monday ... see if we can't get some of that spirit recorded in the digital realm.

Note to self: If all else fails, beat that drum ... that will definitely make it all better!

Love my life!

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