So Close ...

The music master is DONE! I'll be sitting down with Jesse this week to do the artwork, and "The Undertaker's Daughter" should be a real CD by mid-March. I am quite aware that Mercury is still retrograde, and I'm not counting my chickens ... just taking a very calculated risk that the rest of this work will be done this week.

With that said, as I move into the home stretch of putting this new CD together, I realize I've been focusing on all the practical aspects to make this something each and every one of you would not only love to listen to, but to also make it something that moves your souls. And all the practical stuff is almost done. I've not done any kind of Kickstarter or other fundraising campaign, and somehow I've found the funds to make this happen. Huzzah!

What I do need is a spiritual Kickstarter right about now. If you have it in you the next couple of weeks to offer up prayer or magick or other request for Divine assistance however you do that, I sure would appreciate it if you would put in a good word for me. Ask that the music and artwork do indeed become a reality, that "The Undertaker's Daughter" CD is true and in hand by mid-March, and that I don't go crazy in the process. Well, not any more crazy than usual. You can go to to listen to the new music and find focus for any prayers and magick you offer up. Thank you so much! Have an awesome week.

And get ready for some awesome CD release parties! See you down the road.

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