Wholeheartedly - Is That a Word?

Big thanks to all who joined me tonight at Mystikal Scents in Thonotosassa, FL - Pearl, the owner, is an amazing hostess, and the shop is quite magickal and lovely, as you can see in the picture. From the mural on the wall, to all the mushrooms, faeries, and flowers and other lovely things, I felt like I was in a magical forest for the entire concert. And here I am making another face as I sing. One of the things I like about playing the music that I do, telling the tales, is that I don't have to be perfect or beautiful by anyone's standards. I can make faces, be serious, be silly, and simply enjoy myself and dive in wholeheartedly. And I love it when folks make faces back - when I see real emotion in return. Smiles, tears, laughter, surprise, shock ... I love it all. We experience this music TOGETHER! Thank you for making this journey so amazing! See you down the road.

#paganmusic #mamagina

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