Mama Gina's Six Week Bugs and Beltaine Tour Wrap Up

Aaaah. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bardic life - traveling, playing music, breaking bread with new friends and visiting forever friends. And I love being home at the end of it - my own bed, sleeping in late. April and May were full of amazing adventures. Tennessee waterfalls and a hike I thought I couldn't complete until I did. Wonderful folks, food and fun at Raven's Shire Beltane Festival in Pikeville, TN - mmmm - thanks for all the sausage. A time of deep meditation, retreat, and connection to the Earth in Red Rock, TX at Dragonz Wylde before and after Maiden Awakens Beltane Festival. An especially meaningful Druid ritual with a new and very personal connection to Bridget. A peaceful evening with one of the grooviest and most gentle souls I have ever met - ever. We reclaimed our roots and then some in Maud, TX. A most excellent couple of evenings with new friends in Jackson, TN and an intimate house concert in a very spiritual space. A visit with dear friends and my son's godparents in Charleston, SC. All capped off with some Beltane madness and mayhem at Summerland in Bonita Springs, FL - Sylvari Clan rocks!

Three songs found their way home to me in the last six weeks. That's pretty amazing. You'll be hearing those down the road: Old Ways, Blood Moon, and The Ship-Wrecked Pirates of Summerland and the Round-Eared Elves of Camp Rivendell.

Also, some partial ideas that may yet see the light of day, i.e., The Auto-Flush Faerie of Asheville, NC, and The Asparagus Song ... or perhaps not! Hah!

Home, resting, restringing guitar, cleaning off six weeks' worth of camp dust from EVERYTHING including inside my nose, ears and throat. Ready for a Songwriter's Forum in Eustis, FL this week - then a bit of downtime to play with polymer clay and my digital recorder.

Got this little fortune in my cookie - Whatever your life's work is, do it well.

Going to do my very best! Have a great week ahead.

I'll be back on the road in June! Look out Ohio, Michigan, New York and New Jersey!

#mamagina #paganmusic #folk

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