Rambling dream thoughts today.

I had a dream last night. I was interviewing for a "day" job, but was insisting that if I was hired, that my music and calling came first. I woke up smiling and a bit confused. Glad my dream-self was standing her ground, and wondering what my dream might be telling me.

Can I envision a future where I might have to hold a "day" job again in order to sustain my dream? Yes. Can I envision a future where I never again have to hold a "day" job in order to sustain my dream? Yes. Dream-self reminding me where my priorities are, no matter the circumstances ... got it.

So many folks hear my stories, and come up to me after concerts these days, and say, "You are so brave. I wish I weren't afraid to leave my day job and pursue my dream." And I say, with all sincerity, "I guess I should have been more scared, but I was more afraid NOT to leave my "day" job. I am so happy that I was able to take this leap into the unknown. And when you are ready, you will also be fearless."

I am going to keep dreaming ... dreaming big ... dreaming small ... dreaming everything in between. I am going to plan, leap, play, pray, and continue to imagine that I'm fearless ... even when I might not feel so mighty.

Like I said - rambling dream thoughts. What dreams will you pursue? #lovemylife

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