Awesome October on the Road

October has been a most amazing month ... a new-to-me vehicle to cart this Bard and all her gear ... a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer named Olive. I think we are going to get along quite well.

My Super-sized Samhein Tour isn't quite over, but I'm home for 48 hours and wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who has made the last month on the road most amazing. Family reunion in Ft. Pierce, FL ... celebration of handfasting and love in Delray Beach, FL ... Fall Fling in Alabama / I LOVE those ROCKS! Volusia County Pagan Pride Day full of reunions for me, and so many new friends ... wowsa. All the wonderful souls at the 47th Annual Gathering of the Tribes ... you are the reason I do this! SC Upstate Pagan Pride Day ... thank you for all the love ... and thank you Selena Fox for inviting me to contribute to main ritual. It was an honor, and I love our tribe! To everyone who stopped by for a song at Many Paths Gathering in TN, I had a great weekend ... it made my soul sing to hear all of you join in on Old Snake Woman ... transformation in the air ... what a special vibe ... what a lovely gathering. And my first time at Dragon Hills Retreat this Samhein ... the weather was cold, but every hug was warm and genuine. And thank you to the Driggers and the Songdogs for the hospitality in the moments in between. This Bard thanks you from the bottom of my heart! Selah.

This is a picture of the vision board I made whilst dreaming and planning my next CD. Recording begins at the end of November ... so looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

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