Doing What I Love and Looking at 2015!

Doing what I love and loving what I do.

This video of my newest song, The Empress Down Rattlesnake Road, was taken in downtown Tampa, as I played for the Friday lunch crowd. Busking can be so intimate. Uncomfortably so for a lot of folks. Frankly, lots of people try very hard not to make eye contact and ignore the musician on the street. And yet, my afternoon set started with two awesome gentlemen who sat right down on the bench in front of me, opened up their lunches, and listened, smiled, and tapped along, for half an hour before they had to head back to work. I was over-the-moon grateful for their kindness and attention. Even the folks who walked right on past ... well, I could see them change the rhythm of their steps as they heard the music. And friends who worked in the area came out and truly brightened my day with their smiles and support. It was the perfect day to play!

I was talking with a good friend the other night, and she gave me the most awesome compliment. She said that she was telling her co-workers my story - how I left my very good paying job with benefits to follow my bliss, to write, to sing, to share this music. And she told them that I was the happiest person she knew. That made my heart sing even more. Truth is, I AM happy. Do I still have concerns about the mundane stuff? You know ... mostly money stuff? Yup. Do I sometimes wonder if I'll get enough gigs and sell enough CDs to keep this going? Yup. Do I hope/pray that the Muse keeps flowing and wonder what will happen if she goes silent? Again, yup. And still, I have learned in the last two years that most of my worries are due to my FOCUS on what I didn't have, rather than the reality. Today I choose to focus on all the opportunities to share this love that flows through me!

I left my very reliable day job in late 2013 (Look, Ma! No more chest pains.) I took my bardic self on the road every chance I got. 22 shows in 2013. And 48 shows in 2014. 2015 is going to be stellar!

You don't have to quit your day job to join me on this journey. But you do have to change your perspective. So, today, right now, make the choice and DO something that you love. Have an awesome week ahead, and stay tuned. I shall see you down the road.



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