"Solitaire" - One Girl's Journey!

Most of the songs on my new CD "Solitaire" were born while I was traveling. It wasn't until I spent a lovely afternoon at Songdog central in Atlanta, GA, creating a vision board, that I realized that the songs told the story of my journey from perfectly happy (and very bluesy) solitary to one who found her family and tribe, where I am perfectly happy!

These songs were gifted to me in so many places ... in forest, under full moon, at festivals, on sacred land, in back yards and front porches, in deep slumber, and, of course, in my tent in the middle of a rainstorm.

My 3rd CD "Solitaire" shall be in hand in just a few days! On schedule to be delivered February 27. There is nothing quite so awesome as that new CD smell. (Well, they don't smell, really ... but if they did, I imagine they would smell just like chocolate, and it would be amazing.)

I'll post links as soon as they are available for purchase and digital download online. Of course, if you purchase them from me at any of my shows, I'll sign them ... I've got SHARPIES! So excited! Stay tuned ... it's almost here, and I am ready to get back out on the road and play every single new song for you!

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