PSG 2015, #Bardapalooza

What an amazing – if brief – Pagan Spirit Gathering! Yes, it was stormy and muddy and oh, so, floody! And it makes my heart sing to know that this is my family … my tribe. We helped each other, we cared for each other, We Love Each Other. There are plenty of posts, and you can read the stories of how this Tribe came together all over the internet. I was on site from Monday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon and gathered some beautiful memories in less than 48 hours.

  • First and foremost, from start to finish, Community came together to ensure everyone’s safety; to lift each other up out of the flood; to push cars out of the mud; to hold each other and still drum, dance and share our souls.

  • The voices at Enchantment Camp. Oh, the voices, rising up above the rain. My own voice melting into the beauty of One Voice … no egos, no solos … just chanting as a Tribe.

  • The silence of my own tent after chanting with everyone at Enchantment Camp, and hearing something new … I am loved. I am worthy. The Sun does shine for me. I am loved. I am worthy. The Moon does shine for me. I am loved. I am worthy. The Stars do shine for me. (Methinks this sweet chant will be on the next CD.)

  • A vision of beautiful, barefoot Wendy Rule standing at the crossroads – surrounded by mud, mud and more mud – and not a speck of mud on her! She says it’s Magic! I believe it.

  • A deep, sincere hug from Sooj – S.J. Tucker – that made this Bard feel incredibly welcome.

  • Hanging out in our corner of Music Camp with Beltana Spellsinger, Ginger Ackley, Alexander James Adams, and my personal guitar hero Brian Henke – sharing music and personal tales, and the feeling of overwhelming gratitude to be included in this circle of Bards and Musicians.

  • #Bardapalooza! Tuesday evening on stage – four hours of WOW - with Celia, Sooj, Spiral Rhythm, Alexander James Adams, Arthur Hinds, Brian Henke, Beltana Spellsinger, Ginger Ackley, Wendy Rule, and me. It is three days later, and my hands and my heart still resonate with the drumming, the dancing, and the music!

  • The beautiful voice and harmony of Kerri Hirsch-Upton of Spiral Rhythm – blended with my own voice as we shared "Sisters Waiting" with our community in remembrance of all those we have released this past year … and looking out to tears and joy and everyone singing with us.

Was there sorrow and disappointment? Yes. Were there moments of wishing that PSG could just go on? Absolutely. And yet, we found joy and happiness in the midst of all of the rain and flooding. I am humbled and blessed to be numbered amongst this Tribe, and, oh, yes, very, very Goddess Kiss’d!

Do what you love!

Find joy in each moment!

See you down the road,

Mama Gina

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