This is What Love Looks Like

Spent a beautiful weekend with the good folks at Wite Ravyn in West Plains, MO.

They are creating intentional community, loving each other and the land.

This is deep work. Soul work.

Hard work.

Physically demanding work.

And midst all that hard work, there is room for laughter ...

room for tears ...

and so much room for hearts - both human and animal - and all matter of things that are broken. Room enough to heal.

I do believe that I fell just a bit madly in love this weekend ... I don't usually fall, but it happened so fast.

I was embraced by amazing souls as soon as I arrived. and given a tour of a piece of land that had been incredibly neglected just a few years ago, and was now so carefully tended and loved, I simply couldn't do anything but fa

This is what love looks like.

This is what happens when folks do what they love and love what they do.

For me, this was the eleventh week of eleven weeks straight on tour.

You'd think I'd be exhausted. Maybe a bit stressed from all the crazy stuff that happened on the road and at the festivals. Nope!

Truth is, I have been met with open arms and open hearts at every stop! Folks opened their homes to me ... shared their food with me.

And I am most grateful that they shared their hearts and their stories with me.

Oh, this city girl went blackberry picking for the first time this weekend! Yum! And OUCH! And I do believe there might be a story there ... it's brewing ... a fairy tale of a Blackberry Prince and a Silvry Maid. Stay tuned.

Do what you love!

Love what you do!

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