There's a First Time For Everything

I am home for the first weekend in July, and hanging out with friends and family. Some fabulous "firsts" this weekend.

I played my FIRST TINY HOUSE CONCERT! Three songs into my outdoor July 3rd concert, we got rained and stormed right out of the beautiful greenery of Red Roof Farms in Lakeland, FL and into a tiny house that was still grand enough to harbor all of us. It was the perfect intimate space to share some of the new music that is going to be on my new CD. And I was delighted that everyone there knew the words to many of my songs much better than I did ... so the evening also featured the first performance of Mama Gina and the Tiny House Choir! You guys and gals totally rocked that tiny house.

The July 4 house concert in Silver Springs, FL was just as sweet and intimate, and we even had a Skyped audience member. That's the first time someone has attended my concerts via Skype, and I played a special request for them.

I also dropped in on one of my favorite open mic/jam nights in Brooksville, FL earlier in the week, and had a great time sharing some new and older tunes. One of my friends was introducing me to his wife after my set, and he said this, "You know, the first song sounded like Rickie Lee Jones, but then she sang that beautiful ballad. Then a blues song, and finally a comical song. She does it all, and it's wrapped up in a sexy grandma package." Folks, that's a real first - I've never been called a sexy grandma before. Hah!

This morning I was honored to be a guest musician at the Tampa UU, sharing a couple of originals. I was blessed that everyone joined in the chant, "I am loved; I am worthy." The church was full, and the voices and souls that filled that space meant every word. It was the first time so many voices lifted up that chant. My heart was still singing, long after we were done.

All weekend long, I shared the new music that will be on the CD "I Remember Love." I love that my Florida friends and family are among the first folks hearing the music and singing along with me.

There is a first time for everything ... like my friend Rick picking up the frame drum, daring to learn to play, and me sharing my little bit of knowledge to set him on a new path. My hands may shake, my voice may quiver - be gentle with me - it may be my first time sharing my love with you. Together, we will find what we love, and we will dare to make it part of our lives.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share so much with each of you.

I'm heading back out for a bit more touring through the month of July. I'll be in the Florida Panhandle, up in Michigan, then Iowa, Indiana, South Carolina, and Georgia, before settling back down at home in Tampa, Florida for August and September. Hope your Summer is absolutely beautiful.

Do what you love!

Love what you do!

Mama Gina

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