Got Minion?

Kicking back in Burlington, Iowa. Watching crazy chipmunks run across the pool deck outside, whilst the cats and I curl up all cozy on the couch. Gonna give myself this lazy day. Then head on out to Indiana for a great weekend festival.

About half way through this six week leg of the tour from Havana, FL to Flint, MI to Burlington, IA. Playing house concerts, UUs, and community metaphysical shops. I get to do what I love, because so many folks do what they love! I love this "love" economy.

It appears the Minions are on board, as well. My friend Lydia in Burlington, IA gifted me with this Minion. We are pretty sure it's saying, "Hello, Mama Gina."

Do what you love, and love what you do! See you down the road.


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