Magical Starfruit

Something very magical happened today.

I LOVE starfruit, and there is a great starfruit tree in my sister's back yard. I am the only one in my family who loves the fruit, so every year for the few months while the tree does its thing, I pick every ripe fruit and put it in everything - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today, driving over to my sister's house, I was thinking how much I loved those darned fruits, and how it was a shame that it was out of season, as the tree would just be budding now. But I really wanted one so much, that I could recall the taste. I visited with my brother-in-law for a bit, then we went out to the back yard. The tree was blooming, and we were remarking that it should be a great year for me when the fruit is ready. And then we saw it - one freakin' huge starfruit hanging high in the tree. The bugs hadn't gotten to it. The storms hadn't knocked it off the limb. We marveled at its size and state of perfection! I stretched our handy-dandy fruit picker up, and it came right down. I was reminded how even when we think something is clearly impossible and the timing is bad, if we really want it, we should keep our eyes open and look for it anyway. If I tell myself something is not possible, I won't look for it ... I won't see it. And then, it will be impossible for me. So, I'm keeping my eyes open for the possiblities today.

Tasty, wonderful, magical possibilities. This Bard is ready and keeping her eyes and options open for all of it.

Stay tuned for news on the new CD - very stripped down - very acoustic - very live feel - and how you can help bring the new music into the world!

Do what you love, and love what you do!

Mama Gina

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