Mama Gina

fearless bard and folk artist


Award winning singer/songwriter & wanderlust ... fearless story-telling ... bluesy vocals ... humor ... straight-ahead, rhythmic, 12 string acoustic guitar ... djembe ... frame drums ... all weft and warp of the soul of this bard 

Winter/Spring 2020 Tour Dates & Other News

It just so happens that I received the 2019 International Pagan Music Association’s female artist award. A little gobsmacked and a whole lot grateful for this honor. Congratulations to Brian Henke and Burning Sage on their awards! I love the mission of the International Pagan Music Association - to celebrate Pagan musicians AND to provide a platform to share their music with EVERYONE! I know first-hand how truly wonderful our community is. Pagan musicians support each other, and that is worth celebrating every day! Thank you to everyone who supports our music!  Want to learn more about member supported IPMA?  Click here.

NEW MUSIC is on the way.  Look for pre-release announcements for

the new CD Firewood and Rust SOON!!  Follow me on Facebook and always know when I release a new song!  Wanna get ALL Mama Gina's music including Nine Toes the Bard's naughty tunes and the latest releases?  Download 'em right here!

February 23, 2020 * Kicking Cancer's A$$ for Ken/Pegasus Lounge * Tampa, FL

February 27-30, 2020 * Hawkfest * Lakeland, FL

March 14, 2020 * The Raven Faerie * Lakeland, FL

March 18-22, 2020 * Rebirth & Renewal/Phoenix Phyre * Lakeland, FL

April 16-19, 2020 * Otherworlds Festival * St. George, GA

April 23-26, 2020 * ESP Beltane/Dragonz Wylde * Red Rock, TX

The Green Album was released Memorial Day weekend at Caldera Fest 2016 - an amazing collaboration amongst 14 artists (I'm one) with a singular desire to heal the planet one song at a time.  I'm proud to be part of this collaboration, and I know that you will want your very own copy.  Read more and order your copy here., and

Mama Gina - fearless bard and folk artist

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